Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To update or not to update??

I guess I will update! I'm getting really sick of facebook right now so I need some new scenery. There really isn't anything new in mine and Eric's little world. We are still going to school and working. What else do you do at this age?
The only new thing right now is that me and Eric have bought a house. Well, it's not for sure yet because we haven't closed, but it's pretty much a done deal! It is in Clinton. For those of you who don't know where that is..... it's north of Syracuse and south of Roy. I really love the area and all the houses in the neighborhood seem really good! We've already talked to our neighbor and they said that the ward is great. Which is a great benefit!! As soon as we get settled in, I will invite everyone up for a house warming party. Don't come if you don't have a gift. I will send out a list of needed items :) haha
Well we still have to commute to Salt Lake pretty much every day for work and school. But just until December. I have a feeling that the drive will get pretty boring.
Keby (my dog) is good. She has an attitude though. She wont do anything unless you have a treat. Everything you command her to do is treat worthy so we have gone through plenty. She is a little bit of a klutz though. I guess she's still in that puppy stage after a year and a half.
Well that's my life. Pretty boring. I know.


fern said...

that is a lot and exciting- not boring... at least i am excited for you and eric- houses are so much fun, you get to do what ever you want to them and change things when ever you want to! good luck with it all.... i have some old wallpaper i can bring to your housewarming party! hehehe

Coburn means Forever said...

you must have gotten the retard of the litter, cuz none of the viszla's here are klutz's! lol. In fact, the mom can keep up with those pups like she isn't a day older...pretty amazing to watch! We have clocked Sierra (our dog, the mom!) running at 25mph. Now that's fast for a 7 year old dog who has 16 children, lol!