Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To update or not to update??

I guess I will update! I'm getting really sick of facebook right now so I need some new scenery. There really isn't anything new in mine and Eric's little world. We are still going to school and working. What else do you do at this age?
The only new thing right now is that me and Eric have bought a house. Well, it's not for sure yet because we haven't closed, but it's pretty much a done deal! It is in Clinton. For those of you who don't know where that is..... it's north of Syracuse and south of Roy. I really love the area and all the houses in the neighborhood seem really good! We've already talked to our neighbor and they said that the ward is great. Which is a great benefit!! As soon as we get settled in, I will invite everyone up for a house warming party. Don't come if you don't have a gift. I will send out a list of needed items :) haha
Well we still have to commute to Salt Lake pretty much every day for work and school. But just until December. I have a feeling that the drive will get pretty boring.
Keby (my dog) is good. She has an attitude though. She wont do anything unless you have a treat. Everything you command her to do is treat worthy so we have gone through plenty. She is a little bit of a klutz though. I guess she's still in that puppy stage after a year and a half.
Well that's my life. Pretty boring. I know.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Well I did it! Go ahead, pat me on the back. I got our wedding pictures up. I'm proud of myself. :) I finally took the time to go through all 1300 of them and decide which ones to post. It was not an easy job. Well, I'm dang tired because I've been doing it practically all day long. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did. Thanks!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The New Year

Well, I know it isn't exactly the newest of the new year, but I really need to start updating this thing more often! Well Eric and I are going to school and working this semester. Our schedules are going to be busy- hopefully we can handle it! Eric is currently working at the FAA tour at the airport doing security. He gets to carry a gun- so I guess that's better than a mall cop. :) I am still working at the Memoral Clinic in Sugar House and loving it- for the most part. Eric and I are taking 2 classes together. I think it actually makes us go to class because we both need to be there. Our puppy Keby is doing great! She is getting big. Well, just tall, she is so skinny! She loves to run and play (as most puppies do). I know I really need to get pictures on here. I finally figured out how to get my wedding photo's on the computer so I will post them soon :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chest Pain?

Funny Story....

I work at Memorial Clinic in Sugar House drawing blood. It's a very fun job. One day, one of our Dr's brought down a patient to have a stat EKG done (a system that monitors your heart). She was getting a physical done and after she got dressed she started having bad chest pain. She was about 80 or older and her daughter was with her. When I was helping her into the room she was leaning to one side and looked in a lot of pain. I hurried and helped her take everything off from the waist up and got her on the exam bed. As I started to put the sticky leads on, I noticed her boob was stuck in her pants- her daughter immediately noticed as well. Oh goodness! I pulled her boob out of her pants and continued the EKG. Well we were done, so I helped her get up and get dressed. Miraculously enough- the chest pain was gone!! The EKG was absolutely perfect. So please lady's... learn from this poor old lady- if you are having chest pain please make sure your boobs are where they're supposed to be. Thanks

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So, Thanks so my sisters and all my friends, I now have started my own blog. I don't really know how to work anything so if any of you know any cool tricks..... please share the wealth!! I don't really know what to ever blog about so I apologize before hand if I bore anyone. :)